Russell Leak

I am a broadcast TV consultant, presenter, singer/songwriter, musician and producer and love technology, music and video games probably in that order. I’ve worked in TV, graphics, video, played in bands and worked in studios for about 23 years and I’m still not bored of it.

I’ve worked on various election graphics projects for the last ten years as well as many other live broadcasts and shows.

Two latest projects are VideoGo Video Apps – apps to help you make professional mobile videos and the P.CORDER a Presentation Recording device – you can watch a video introduction here.

But my linked in Profile tells you more about all that

I’m also a member of The Response Collective whose song Tropical State was heard in Red Dwarf

I’m in the covers bands The Hazards and Chili Rage

You can hear some of my original music at my Soundcloud Page or even download it at my Bandcamp page

You can also hear my production, vocals, songwriting and guitar playing on this side project we recorded in my studio with The Barefoot Doctor here – Barefoot & Leakster Soundcloud There is also a funny positive motivation video from that project – What You Focus On Grows!

More of my videos at my channel Youtube

I have an audio visual studio based on Apple MAC running Ableton Live and Steinberg Cubase and video editing and graphics using Adobe Creative Cloud

With lots of experience and a good understanding of Film, TV, 3D graphics and video game technologies I’ve been involved in production services and have worked on numerous live TV projects including BBC News Elections, Danish Elections webcasts, corporate TV and live interactive quiz/game television. Here’s a page about the last election project –
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