New Video Apps!

My company VideoGo recently launched two apps on the iOS app store. The idea with VideoGo is to take the 40 plus years experience myself and my colleague have in the video and broadcasting industry and bring it to a suite of Video Apps. With video being used so much (Cisco say 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019) we thought it would be a good idea to help people to use video in the best possible way. Our website will have a series of blogs and videos to help people understand the process and hopefully start to make their own videos for promotion and marketing…or just for fun!

Heres a video of us introducing the company:

Here’s some more detail on the apps:

VideoGo Teleprompter App
Now available on the App Store!
Two products in one! Flip between our standalone teleprompter for those with a separate camera, or use our inbuilt recording app with a teleprompter by its side. Many features, simple to use, easy to learn!

Now available on the App Store!
Logo2Go App is a quick video branding solution, add your logo or image to your video (supports alpha channel), save unlimited presets. Scale, rotate, reposition anywhere, add transparency. Render your video and share in minutes.

We will have more apps coming online shortly.

Sign up at our website for more details.


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