The Light Within My Soul – New Song

I have just posted a new song called The Light Within My Soul on my Soundcloud account.

This song started as a way for me to check the Boss loop pedal was working before solo gigs. I would just need to check it was looping ok and things were at the right level, so I would record a guitar part – just a three chord arpeggio then I would add a bass line and check the lead over the top and sing something. I kept using the same structure and people heard it and some would say “That was a nice song” and I was encouraged to write it properly. I find its strange with my own songs that I have no way of knowing if they are any good, its nice to get some feedback and sometimes that motivates you to carry on with a project. This one would never have been here if people had’t told me they like it, it was just a soundcheck! Using a loop pedal or looping a guitar frees you to work on the melody a bit more and try different things. The lyrics just came to me and I developed the theme a bit. I love the lead sound in this song and maybe its a bit over indulgent but I really enjoyed playing it. Sound wise I was influenced by Twin Peaks sound track and stuff like that with lots of space and tremolo effects. I wanted it to be a bit dreamy. I hope you like it – let me know what you think:


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